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Celebrating Sub-parish St Michael feast day

KOTA PADAWAN — On 19 September the parishioners of Sub Parish St Michael Teng Bukap celebrated the feast of its patron saint with a Mass presided by Fr Moses Yap OFM, the assistant priest from St Ann Parish. The congregation was not as big as expected.

Fr Moses in his homily reminded the faithful that attending Mass is as meeting Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Friar said that the celebration of St Michael as patron saint is particularly significant as it spoke about the existence of Gabriel, Michael and Raphael as the guardian angels. Christians pray through St Michael to strengthen their faith in the face of trials, challenges and materialism in its many forms. He stressed that the faithfuls who came to Mass as people who responded to Jesus.

St Michael Teng Bukap was one of the pioneer primary schools set in the early sixties by Mill Hill Missionaries, It is known as Sub-Parish St Michael today. It is located about 68 KM from the city covering a cluster of almost 20 villages from zone Simpok (Bisapug), zone Padawan (Pinyawa) and up to Brang Payang area. In those days the villagers sent their children there for their early education. On top of the clinic services with free supply of medicine, used clothing were distributed to the needy. Until today Sub-parish St Michael is still remembered by parishioners as a centre which enriched the locals culturally, religiously and academically.

The event ended with a mass and cake cutting by Fr Moses Yap OFM and catechist Stephen, Emily Ayu.

Richard Lubian