Resignation of the Bishop of Miri, appointment of successor

Bishop-elect Fr Richard Ng
Bishop-elect Fr Richard Ng

VATICAN CITY — The Holy Father, on 30 October 2013, accepted the resignation from the pastoral governance of the Diocese of Miri , by His Excellency Mgsr. Anthony Lee Kok Hin, in accordance with canon 401 § 1 of the Code of Canon Law. The Holy Father appointed Fr. Richard Ng, Rector of the Major Seminary of Kuching as Bishop of Miri.

Fr. Richard Ng was born on June 20, 1966 in Kuching. After attending elementary and high schools, he entered the minor Seminary in Kuching in 1987. He completed his philosophical and theological studies at the major Seminary in Kuching. He was ordained a priest on 18 February 1995 and incardinated in the Archdiocese of Kuching. After ordination he has held the following positions: 1995-1996: Assistant priest of St. Jude, Bunan Gega; 1996-1998: Assistant priest of St. Theresa, Serian; 1998-1999: Assistant priest of the Cathedral of Kuching; 1999-2003: Studies for the Licentiate in Sacred Scripture at the Biblicum in Rome, residing at the Pontifical College of St. Peter; 2003-2007: Professor of Sacred Scripture at the major Seminary in Kuching; 2007-2008: Vice-Rector of the Major Seminary of Kuching; since 2008: Rector of the Major Seminary of Kuching.

Since 2003 he is also responsible for the Archdiocesan publication Today’s Catholic; since 2009 he has been Director of the Archdiocesan Committee for Social Communications and since 2010 Spiritual Advisor of the Legion of Mary , at the Parish Cathedral.



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