Holy Door of Sacred Heart Cathedral opens

Bishop Joseph Hii pushing open the Holy Door of the Sacred Heart Cathedral

SIBU — Over 3,000 Catholics from the Diocese of Sibu joined Catholics around the world made their first pilgrimage to the Holy Door of Mercy at the Sacred Heart Cathedral on the evening of 8 December.

Bishop Joseph Hii of Sibu opened the Holy Door at the Cathedral.

As Catholics reflected on the theme of mercy, Bishop Hii said that Catholics are called to bring joy, hope, and forgiveness to the world despite the uncertainties and problems that the world is facing.

“Passing through that door, our sins are forgiven and as we received mercy, we re-discovered the mercy of God and that filled us with joy and gratitude.

“We are all called to show mercy and forgiveness to others,” he pointed out.

The prelate had officially designated 12 parishes (including Sacred Heart Cathedral) in the diocese to be the places of pilgrimage.

The centre of pilgrimage could be identified through the Journey of the Cross and Icon (JCI), where it would make a stop at each parish every month starting 9 December.

JCI made its first stop at St Teresa Church (Sibu), where it would be there for a month.

It is then followed by Mary Immaculate Conception (Kapit), St Herbert (Song), St Mary’s of the Divine Mercy (Sibu), St Francis Xavier (Kanowit), St Charles (Selangau), Sts Peter and Paul (Mukah), St Bernard (Dalat), St Alphonsus (Julau), St Anthony (Sarikei), Sacred Heart Cathedral (Sibu), and Christ the King (Bintangor).

“JCI will go from parish to another parish. As the cross reaches a parish, that parish will be the centre of pilgrimage for the diocese for that month,” the Bishop explained.

Jane Moh

Today’s Catholic Vol.27 No.9 January 2016


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