Tribute to Brother Columba Gleeson – by Bishop Richard Ng

In August, Bishop Richard Ng went to Ireland to present the award of Pingat Terpuji Jubli Mas from the government to Br Columba.

Br Columba was a kind and loving person. I remember the time when I was robbed of my necklace while going back from school. I did not know how Br Columba found out but the next day, he caught hold of me and asked if I was all right. That care and concern of his really touched me. Even though he had over 1000 students, he never lost sight of the individual person. He reminded me of the parable of the shepherd who had 100 sheep and when one got into trouble, he went all out to rescue it and bring it home. Every single person was precious to Bro Columba. 

I can proudly say Bro Columba inspired my priestly vocation. I was searching for a meaningful path in life when I was 17 or 18 and was attracted to Bro Columba’s altruism, humility, joy and commitment to serve God and people. He was ever so cheerful and positive, inspiring the people around him to give their best. I felt this was how I would want to spend my life. My search eventually brought me to St Peter’s College and the diocesan priesthood.

I have no doubt that Bro Columba who lived a life of love, service and faithfulness to God thousands of miles away from home has finally arrived at his true home in heaven.

Bishop Richard Ng
(Diocese of Miri)


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