Pilgrimage Walk for Lent

Pilgrims lining up at the Registration counter for their Lenten Walk. (Photo: Joseph Then)

SERIAN — Over a thousand people gathered at St. Mark’s Church at Kampung Triboh on the evening of 22 March 2019, waiting for confirmed registrations for the Pilgrimage Walk for the Lent Season.

Six hundred and eighty eight (688) pilgrims young and old, and a hundred and eight (108) officials registered to participate in the 42 Km Pilgrimage Walk from St. Mark’s Church at 9:00 pm on 22 March to arrive at St. John’s Church at 7:45 am on 23 March.

The Chairman of the Pilgrimage Walk Organising Committee Mr. Allan Lanyeh, the Marshal Mr. Gilbert Guan and representatives from the Police and APM (Pertahanan Awam Malaysia) gave necessary precautionary  briefings to the participants.

The pilgrims, together with the kampong people, recited the Rosary in the church.  Rector of St. Theresa’s Parish, Fr. Paul Herry gave a short briefing and blessing before the pilgrimage commenced.

Fr Paul Herry (facing the pilgrims) giving his briefing and blessing.

The pilgrims stopped for a short rest for refreshments at Kampung Leboh, Hydroflow Sdn. Bhd. and Sageng Bridge, before reaching St. John’s Church at Kampung Melajok. 

The first group of pilgrims arrived at St. John’s Church at 7:45 am on 23 March and at 10:00 am, Fr. Paul Herry celebrated the Holy Mass before they dispersed for home.

The whole holy journey was blessed with good weather and moon light and the pilgrims were well looked after by members from the Police, Rela, APM, the Serian Red Crescent and the Parish Youths.

The Organising Committee expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Police (Serian and Simujan), Rela, APM, Serian Red Crescent, road users and residents living along the route, parishioners and many others who had assisted in one way or another for the Pilgrimage Walk for  Lent to be successfully and smoothly carried out.

Joseph Then


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