Serian Parish Prayer Leaders hold Recollection

Prayer Leaders from St Theresa's Church attending the Recollection. (Photo: Joseph Then)

SERIAN —  The St. Theresa’s Church hall was packed with a big crowd of Prayer Leaders from kampungs throughout the Serian parish, attending a half-day Recollection on 23.02.2019.

The Recollection was organized by the Ministry of Faith Formation of the St. Theresa’s Parish Pastoral Council. It commenced after the Opening Prayer by the facilitator, Seminarian Brother Henry Jimbie from Bau. He is currently undergoing Pastoral Care Formation at the church from 11.02.2019 to the end of May, 2019.

Also at the Recollection were Rector Fr. Paul Herry, members of the Parish Pastoral Council, members of Basic Christian Community and the Catechists – Damien Nyalut (Co-ordinator), Edward Nyingki (MC) and David Gali (Registration).

 Brother Henry Jimbie then reminded the participants that they are to represent the Church to carry out church duties during the absence of the Priest.  As such, their image and behavior are closely connected with the Church.  They were further enlightened on the mission of the church and their duties.

The Recollection is a spiritually beneficial project for the participants. All the Prayer Leaders were later installed by Rector Fr. Paul Herry at the second Mass on 24.02.2019.

Joseph Then


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