Works of Mercy in Lent

Fr Paul Herry (L) and Agnes ak Aleng in front of her ramshackle home. (Photo: Joseph Then)

SERIAN — St. Theresa’s Parish Rector Fr. Paul Herry, who is also the Spiritual Director of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul (SSVP) Serian, was recently accompanied by the Society’s Secretary Mr. Tom Naar and Committee Member Mr. John Sup on a visit to Kampung Sg. Paku, Simunjan.

During the visit, the kampong folks highlighted to them the fate of a 53 year-old Iban single mother in the kampung, Mdm. Agnes Ak Aleng.

The hardworking Agnes who lives alone, used to plant small amounts of crops and collect jungle products from the nearby palm oil farm for sale to earn her living.  She is now thin and appears to have nutritional problems.

Presently, she lives in a small and simple home on a piece of land owned by her ancestors.

Fr. Paul Herry is appealing for assistance to create a better dwelling place for her, especially during this Lent Season – to donate, to share and to pray.

Joseph Then



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