CFM condemns acts of terror and offers condolences to Sri Lankans

Sri Lanka has begun to bury the dead, many in mass graves

PETALING JAYA — 22 April 2019. In light of the terror bombings of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, the Christian Federation of Malaysia issued the following media statement:

CFM categorically condemns the acts of terror and violence perpetrated against Easter Sunday church congregations and hotel guests in several cities in Sri Lanka.

Eight bombs were reportedly set-off in churches and five-star hotels resulting in 290 deaths and 500 people being injured.

Christians in Malaysia are filled with horror, shock and dismay that on this most Holy Day such despicable acts of destruction can be contemplated and  carried out on Sri Lankans and foreign nationals.

We extend our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to the families of those who have lost their loved ones through such vile acts of inhumanity and stand alongside them in their grief and pain. All churches are urged to uphold them and all those who have been injured in prayer, and to render such support and help as they are able to provide.

May God restore peace to the beautiful land of Sri Lanka and all understand that violence only begets more violence and differences can only be resolved when we learn to be peacemakers.


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