GROWTH celebrates Palm Sunday with first Holy Communion for 2 boys

Two young boys from GROWTH receiving their first Holy Communion from Fr Albert Jacobse.  (Photo: GROWTH)

KUCHING — St. Joseph’s Cathedral celebrated Palm Sunday with GROWTH ( the apostolate to our less able members ) in the Chapel of the ACCPC.

The little chapel was almost bursting out of its seams as so many attended the Mass and it was good to see the enthusiasm of the facilitators, care handlers and parents. Two young boys received their first Holy Communion (Jacob Timothy and Terence Law).

It was beautiful but also heart breaking, seeing that they were so disabled and could hardly open their mouths to receive the Lord in their young and vulnerable lives. May the good Lord bless all of them together with their parents.

Praise the Lord that there is the Resurrection promised to all of us.

Fr Albert Jacobse


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