HoF: Understanding family bondages

Participants learning about the consequences of sin at HoF seminar. Photo credit: Stephanie Chua

KUCHING — Emmaus Servant Community conducted one of their annual series of talks on healing of families on 28 – 30 June at the BSC Hall, attended by 121 participants.

The Healing of Families (HoF) seminars are now much sought after, as there is a much better understanding of Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR).

Past participants have returned to share the impact the seminars have made on their lives and those of their family members.

There were participants at this recent seminar who had been exposed to many false beliefs, and have now found out for themselves, the power of forgiveness and the consequences of the sins of their ancestors.

They received healing from past hurts. Many testified to receiving relief from nerve pain or disorders. There was healing from pain in the hand or leg, from gastric, and from heart palpitations. Some felt peace and joy.

One participant who confessed this was her fifth HoF seminar has this advice to others: Never give up! She experienced something she had never felt before – freedom from the fear of being anointed with the holy oil. She finally understood the reason why.

There is a HoF seminar coming your way if you live in Sibu. It is organised by Sacred Heart Cathedral with Emmaus Servant Community, from 20-22 July at Catholic High School Sports Stadium. Please contact Jeffrey Ngu (0198145318) for more details.

Another HoF will be conducted in KL from 7-9 September, co-organised with Church of St Ignatius. For more details contact: Chinese – Linda (0123175370). English – Francis (0178832870).


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