EMMAUS Community conducts HoF seminars in Kuala Lumpur

Organisers, Emmaus members and participants at the English HoF seminar. Photo credit: St Ignatius PCT

KUCHING — Since 2013, the Emmaus Servant Community (EMMAUS) of Blessed Sacrament Church, has been conducting Healing of Family (HoF) seminars. In recent years, we have seen participants flying into Kuching just to attend the seminars.

Some of these participants had flown in from Kuala Lumpur and at times as many as 30 plus people would fly into Kuching from different parts of Sarawak just for the seminars.

As a result of the healing they saw in their families and in their lives, some of these participants were determined to bring the seminar to Kuala Lumpur. There were physical healings but more uncommon were the breaking of lifelong bondages and addictions, and the healing of family and restoring of family relationships.

On the weekend of 7 – 9 September, 30 members from Emmaus Community went over to Kuala Lumpur, to St Ignatius Church in Petaling Jaya to conduct two HoF seminars; one in English and one in Mandarin running simultaneously with 240 and 260 participants respectively.

Chinese HoF participants with organisers and Emmaus members.

The response was very good and many, having heard the talks, were very eager to bring family members and friends to attend the next HoF seminar, even to travel to Kuching to attend it.

It is always heartening to see God working in amazing ways to heal and restore his people, and we can only thank and praise God for his goodness and give God all the glory!

Christina Eng


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