KL pilgrims fascinated by Mt Hosanna Chapel in Sri Aman

KL pilgrims at the foot of Mount Hosanna Chapel, Sri Aman. (Photo: Dev Emmanuel)

KUCHING — Recently, parishioners from the Church of St Francis of Assisi, Cheras Kuala Lumpur, embarked on a pilgrimage to Sarawak.

They comprised five couples who visited Blessed Sacrament Church, St Joseph’s Cathedral, as well as the pilgrimage sites of Mount Hosanna in Sri Aman and Mount Singai in Bau.

The pilgrims were fascinated by the Mt Hosanna Chapel which they visited on 28 September. It is located 33km from Sri Aman town and 157km from Kuching town.

Initiated by the late Fr Richard Khoo with donations from well-wishers, the 100 steps leading up to the Chapel is also known as ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and symbolise a ladder to heaven. The Chapel is shaped like three pure white candles representing the ‘Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit’.

According to their spokesperson Dev Emmanuel, apart from Sarawak, they have also travelled to India as part of their pilgrimage mission.


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