St Theresa’s Ecology Ministry plans to extend its Environment Green project

Volunteers clearing the unwanted vegetation around the church compound. Photo credit: Joseph Then

SERIAN — The Ecology Ministry of St. Theresa’s Parish with Alas Laseh in charge, held another gotong royong project recently to clear the unwanted vegetation around the church area.

The volunteer team from Kampong Merian Bedup in the Parish participated in the one-day clearing activity.

Earlier, the Ecology Ministry organised several gotong royong clean-up activities including cutting down the big mango tree near the school toilet and the unwanted bush around the church so that the church compound looks tidy and clean. The Ministry also organised the environment green project, including planting of coconut and fruit trees on 26 June in the church areas.

The Parish Pastoral Council will extend this environment green project to all the churches within the parish and to bring environment clean awareness to the people.

Rector Fr Paul Herry created the Mission & Human Development Ministry in the Parish Pastoral Council in January 2019 to achieve his goal of Environment Green in the Parish in line with the call of the government.

The Ministry consists of Rector Fr Paul Herry as Spiritual Director, Gilbert Guan as Coordinator, Chairman Anthony Taguk who is also in-charge of Climate Crisis, Alas Laseh in-charge of Ecology and Idin Muu in-charge of Mission Development.

Joseph Then


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