The Kuching Mill Hill Family attends retreat on mission and conversion in mission

The Kuching Mill Hill Family. Photo credit: Jane Frances Tan

KUCHING — On 9 November, the Kuching Mill Hill Family held a retreat cum meeting at Greccio Retreat Center with Father Albert Jacobse and Father Philip Obaso.

The theme of the Retreat, conducted by Fr Philip Obaso, was ‘Launch Into The Deep’, on mission and conversion in mission.

The mission of the Mill Hill Family is to support in prayers and financial costs the training of the Sarawak and Sabah Mill Hill seminarians.

Currently, there are 7 Mill Hill seminarians from Sabah and Sarawak undergoing different stages of training in Rwanda, Kenya, Nairobi, Pakistan and the Philippines.

For further information on joining the Mill Hill Family and/or contribution, please contact:
Fr Albert Jacobse (Chapel of Mother Mary, Stutong)
President: Dr Francis Ha
Treasurer: Jacob Wong (Hp no: 016-8868383)
Secretary: Jane Frances Tan

Jane Frances Tan


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