Participants of Empowered Weekend Away 2020, comprising of Form 5 school leavers, college/university students and young working adults.

BAU — Empowered Weekend Away (EWA20) was held from 10 – 12 January at the Christian Worship Centre (CWC), Sungai Pinang, Bau. The rain didn’t stop the fire in the hearts of the youths to learn more about Jesus, as 70 youths gathered on the morning of 10 January and kickstarted EWA20 with an opening Mass presided by Fr Ramon Borja, SDB. Seeing the youths, Fr Ramon also expressed his excitement at these young hearts’ willingness to forego their weekend activities to connect with God and grow deeper in faith.

The intention of this camp was to give youths an avenue to deepen their faith and build an intimate relationship with God, as well as some resources and tools to assist, and equip them with their tertiary studies or work.

The guest speaker for the Weekend Away was Deacon Adrian Ng from Kuala Lumpur, whose passion is for campus youths. Throughout the weekend, Deacon Adrian shared many stories and insights through his years of experience with youths. Deacon also taught facts, Catechism and engaged the campers in learning to use and study the bible. In addition, Deacon Adrian stressed the importance to focus on God whenever one feels lost, especially when these youths are transitioning from Secondary School to tertiary education.

Besides the formative sessions, there was also a time for games which promoted unity and teamwork. There were also periods for praise and worship when the youths lifted their voices to sing and pray. Through a session, the campers also spent some time to pray for others and the various areas of need such as for families, campuses, the persecuted and global happenings such as the devastating Australian bushfires and the war in Iran.
This EWA20 serves as a reminder to campers that they are created in God’s righteousness, each created for a purpose. Many campers have had challenging times and rainy days but this camp has opened their eyes, reignited and empowered them to lead their lives righteously towards their purpose.


“The theme ‘Righteousness’ was taken from Isaiah 42:6. It was indeed very refreshing with the assurance for the youth ministry to start new and afresh. God has spoken to each of us and it is such an uplifting moment for all campers. Last weekend was indeed a fruitful one. Seeing these young ones commit and say ‘yes’ to Jesus is one of the impactful sights to see. Indeed, it was a blessing to be part of this and definitely a great start for 2020.” – Kelvin, youth leader

“Truly struggled and it bothered me until I felt like I lost the sense of belonging in everything I did even with people around me either in the ministry or my daily lifestyle. I tried to talk to myself and developed positive thoughts inside of me, but it didn’t work like it used to. That’s why, going for EWA20 was indeed a right decision or calling I’ve made in my life.” – Elnieshernie, UNIMAS

“To not be afraid but to always have the courage. With God, ‘Nothing is Impossible’ and when we follow God, we will never ever go wrong but He will lead us and show us the right path.” – Anne, Swinburne

“After being prayed over, I felt a sense of sheer joy for no reason. I didn’t see him nor was there anyone talking, just an overwhelming sense of happiness in my heart.” – Zachary, Ara Institute, Canterbury

“Starting from now, I will proudly serve under His kingdom again. Because I believe there’s so much more to discover together with Him. As for my growth in faith, I think I am going to deepen my faith with God by leading a prayerful life” – Aaron, Politechnic Kuching

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