Lion Dance Troupe brings joy and prosperity to parishioners after Sunday Mass

SJPS Lion Dance Troupe in a photo-call with Archbishop Emeritus Peter Chung (centre) at Blessed Sacrament Church. (Photo: John Lai)

By Fr Francis Lim Chin Choy, SJ

KUCHING — On 26 January, the second day of Chinese New Year, which happened to be the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, the St Joseph’s Private School Lion Dance Troupe visited Blessed Sacrament Church, BDC, and performed a dance for the parishioners after the 8.00am Mandarin Mass.

Archbishop Emeritus Peter Chung was the presider. Watching the dance together with him were Fr Felix Au, the rector of the parish, Fr Francis Lim, SJ, the principal of the school and seminarian Henry who is on pastoral ministry at the parish. Children and adults alike were thrilled to receive Mandarin oranges from the lions during the dance.

Three lions were on hand to dance, and bring new year joy and prosperity to the crowd after Mass. The number three may be a bit odd for Chinese New Year tradition, but being a Christian troupe, these lions represent the Trinity.

They also bring joy and God’s blessing to the houses they visit. A crucifix with a banner of the school accompanies the troupe and is placed prominently during their performance.

This is among the first of many visits by the Lion Dance Troupe this year. The money collected from these visits go to the School Building Fund which is for a second four-storey building of the school.


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