BSC Sunday School Lenten Pilgrimage to Mount Singai

A group photo at the Pilgrimage Centre. (Photo: BSC BFFC)

By Shannon Wei

KUCHING — The Sunday School of Blessed Sacrament Church (English & Chinese), organised their annual Lenten pilgrimage to Mt Singai on 14 March from 8.30 am – 1.00 pm.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many pilgrims did not turn up for this year’s Lenten Pilgrimage.

However, the weather remained sunny and hot, a blessing as it rained later during the night.

In three groups of 20-25 persons, led by at least two Faith Facilitators, pilgrims made their ascension to Mt Singai while reciting the Stations of the Cross.

The first group ascended around 8.30 am, while the last group reached the Pilgrimage Centre roughly around 9.45 am.

The pilgrims recited the rosary together, before Mass started around 11.00 am, celebrated in English.

Pilgrims reciting Stations of the Cross during ascension to Mt Singai. (Photo: BSC BFFC)

The Mass was presided by BSC Rector Fr Patrick Heng, together with Fr John Chong from Sacred Heart Church, Kota Sentosa, 7th Mile.

Fr Patrick Heng read the Gospel from St Luke relating to the Prodigal son, and his Homily was an explanation of the First Reading and the Gospel.

At around 12.45 pm, most pilgrims began descending Mt Singai.

The last few pilgrims took their time descending, especially some Faith Facilitators who made sure of the safety of everyone.

The last group reached the foot of Mt Singai at around 1.25 pm and everyone departed for the journey home.


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