Catholics can now "attend" Mass at home

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By Ivy Chai

KUCHING — The Covid-19 pandemic has caused tremendous stress on the lives of people all over the world. The Government of the day has issued stringent guidelines in efforts to contain further spread of the disease.

In compliance with the directive to shut down places of worship, Churches have suspended Masses. Many Christians now feel a void in their lives, not being able to attend Mass at their regular parish, and to receive the Holy Eucharist.

Catholic Churches in Malaysia and Singapore have now taken to live-streaming their Daily Mass and Sunday Mass to their congregation through social media. In the place of physical Holy Communion, the faithful can recite the prayer for Spiritual Communion.

Kuching Archbishop Simon Poh invites all Catholics to join in the Mass in Honour of our Archdiocesan Patron St Joseph, which will be live-streamed on Thursday, 19 March at 8.00 pm Malaysian time from Kuching. “In this challenging times that we are facing, let us come and pray on-line as one Catholic community seeking the intercession of Saint Joseph, the protector and our Patron Saint,” he said.

We have compiled all the live-streaming Catholic Masses available from Malaysia and Singapore during this period of suspension of Masses for your easy reference.

Archdiocese of Kuching

19 March – Solemnity of St Joseph

22 March – 4th Sunday of Lent
7.30am (English)
8.30am (Mandarin)
9.30am (Bahasa Malaysia)

Bukar-Sadong (pre-recorded)

Sunday Mass4th Sunday of Lent (Bidayuh)

Diocese of Miri

Daily Mass
7.00am (English)

Sunday Mass
7.00am (Mandarin)
8.00am (English)
9.00am (Bahasa Malaysia)
10.00am (Iban)

Stations of the Cross (Friday)
3.00pm (Mandarin)
4.00pm (English)
5.00pm (Bahasa Malaysia)
6.00pm (Iban)

Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur

Daily Mass – Weekday
6.00pm (English)
7.00pm (Bahasa Malaysia)

6.00pm (English)

7.30am (Tamil)
9.00am (Mandarin)
10.30am (English)
12.00pm (Bahasa Malaysia)

Diocese of Penang

6.00pm (English)

6.00pm (English)

Church of Divine Mercy, Penang

8.00am (Mandarin)
9.00am (English)
10.00am (Tamil)
1.00am (Bahasa Malaysia)

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu

6.30pm (English)

8.00am (Mandarin)
9.30am (Bahasa Malaysia)

Archdiocese of Singapore

8.00am Children’s Mass (pre-recorded)
10am Mass

Monday – Saturday
1.00pm Mass

We encourage the faithful to tune in to any of the channels available for spiritual nourishment. Stay safe.


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