How we cope with MCO: the St Joachim ‘Pilgrims’ way

By Mabel Salin / Lucia Lunggan

KOTA PADAWAN The intention of doing cover songs during the Movement Control Order (MCO) was originally initiated by a group of youths who are serving in different ministries in the church but love doing music together.

Initially, the first cover song entitled Waktu Tuhan which was originally sung by NDC Worship from Indonesia, was made to fritter away time during the first two weeks of MCO. Somehow, we managed to uplift more spirits and more friends decided that they would like to participate if we were to produce another video.

The second and third video projects were the cover songs for Mengikut Yesus and Kerna SalibMu, which were specifically produced for Holy Week.

As time passed, from the third MCO onwards, we brought in more young people to join us for the fourth cover song, a hymn entitled Take and Receive (Bukas Palad Music Ministry of the Philippines), the song which was usually sung during Presentation of Gifts or sometimes during Communion at Holy Mass.

The fifth song video, entitled Bapa Kami, was originally composed by our own youths of St Joachim in the year 2010. All videos are available on ‘The Pilgrims: St. Joachim, Bt. 12’ page in the social media platforms … Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Besides making videos, we also had a series of Bible Quiz during our stay-at-home period. By doing all these activities during MCO, we managed to fill in our extra time, keep in touch with our friends through social media, serve and bless those who watch our videos. We believe these are also some ways to spread the Good News about our risen Lord.

There are challenges in creating and publishing such videos. Our patience was often tested with the slow internet connection. We could not expect others to submit their videos on time as they too were having problems with their internet connection or sometimes, they were cramped with school work and other priorities.

However, through God’s grace, they were committed to contribute their part in the video making. Our friend who does the video editing uses a free application, Power Director, which is installed through Google Play to arrange and to edit the collection of videos. Not an easy task, but he managed well because the Holy Spirit was with him throughout, with patience and guidance!

Above all, we are thankful that technology has helped us to be creative and proactive in spreading the Good News. We also hope that our simple videos will inspire more young people to spare a bit of time and solitude as well as to share their God-given talents to serve others during these difficult moments.

Fun facts about The Pilgrims

The Church Youth Ministry of St Joachim, Batu 12 has been active since the early ‘90s. This humble church is situated at 12th Mile, Kuching Serian Road and the community has grown since it was first founded in the year 1984.

Over the years, the community residing in this area has increased and more young people have started to come and join in the youth ministry, serving together during Masses or any activity organised by the church.

We call ourselves ‘The Pilgrims’ because all of us are from different towns and backgrounds, but came with the same intention, which is to glorify God and to become disciples of Jesus.

The Pilgrims collaborate with other youth ministries, and have collaborated with Empowered Ministry for Easter Rally (ER) 2018 and ER 2019.


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