Kuching Youths celebrate Bible Sunday 2020

Photo: Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission

KUCHING — There is a phrase that goes something like, “A life built on God’s word is a life that will stand through every season.”—a phrase best commemorated with this year’s Bible Sunday which took place last 12 July.  The Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission under the Archbishop’s Office organised a Bible Challenge in social media, where young people were invited to share their favourite Bible verses in their Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. 

The challenge entitled #GOD’sWORDmyWORLD began last 3 July and continued up till Bible Sunday on 12 July.  Doing so for nine days is our unique youthful and prayerful way of doing novena in preparing for and celebrating Bible Sunday. Young people who participated in the challenge were encouraged to nominate their friends to take part as well, with the intention of sharing the good news of God and inspiring them to fall in love more and more with God’s word. 

#GOD’sWORDmyWORLDPostings made by youths from various parish communities all over the Kuching Archdiocese.

Around 300 postings from more than 200 young people from the various parish communities all over our Kuching Archdiocese, for nine days, from 3–12 July, posting motivational Bible verses, in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin, with matching meaningful photos, tagging more and more friends, all in FB and Instagram, inspiring one another and many more who view each and all postings… all these has truly been a remarkable way of making God’s Word alive in our world.

The challenge may have ended on-line… but in life, may the awareness, appreciation and application of the Bible that this challenge has brought in us remain unending and grace-giving.

Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission


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