“LAKSA for our JIWA”… A “Must Try” for Every Hungry Christian

Photo: Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission (KAYC)

KUCHING — The Youth Commission of our Kuching Archdiocese keeps in touch with our young people in a “delicious and healthy” way during this quarantine period with its latest project dubbed as “LAKSA for our JIWA”. Hear about it. See and taste it yourself.

Every week starting this August, KAYC is posting in its Facebook and WhatsApp accounts a short video where somebody… a young person or a youth minister of the Archdiocese… gives a talk addressed to everyone but especially the young. This is one of our Catholic Church’s timely initiatives to keep young people in touch with God even during these MCO days.

LAKSA for our JIWA is a weekly yummy serving of inspirational sharing from someone’s heart to everyone’s soul. This video posting is done every Thursday at six in the evening in memory of The Lord’s Supper that is Holy Thursday. It was then when Jesus shared to us His Body and Blood. It was there where He Himself offered us His very self… and with a command to serve and love as He has done. Thus, KAYC serves us this “LAKSA for our JIWA” every Thursday night… all done in memory of Him.

It is the big hope of the Youth Commission that this weekly serving would help people and the young especially to see and to share God in their lives and in the lives of the on-line guest sharers, to get them more inspired by Jesus’ presence and presents in their lives, and to thus enthuse them to be inspiring themselves.

God bless our Church, our young people, in this period of pandemic. May this project serve its purpose well and that is… to feed our young generation with God’s inspiration… to see and share God on-line in life.

#LAKSAforourJIWA… Get nourished and crave for more!

Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission


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