Reaching out to the Orang Asli

TAPAH, PERAK — A Catholic group from Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with the Church of St Mary made an outreach to Kampung Batu Empoh, a small Orang Asli village in the outskirts of Temoh, Perak, on Aug 15. There are roughly 30 families or homes spread out in an uneven area in this village, consisting of some dilapidated old wooden houses and others that are much better looking built of partly brick and wood.

Kampung Batu Empoh Orang Asli village head, Muyor (Joe) welcomed the Catholic group which arrived with John Bosco, president of SSVP Conference St Mary’s Tapah and lay leader Maria Francis, along with his NGO friend from Tapah.

The mission was to reach out to 15 poor families, which Joe had selected beforehand. Each family received a 16″ stand fan, three bath towels, two school bags, two stationery sets and one booklet entitled Singa Yehuda, Kisah Yesus Kristus Menurut Injil Markus.

Whilst spending some moments with the Orang Asli at each home volunteers encouraging them to deepen their knowledge of the Person of Jesus Christ by reading the booklet. A short prayer was prayed at a couple of the homes visited.

The recipients were content with the gifts received, especially in this challenging times during the COVID-19 pandemic, where many of the B40 are struggling to make ends meet.

Earlier, before heading to the village, the Catholic group met Fr Michael Dass at the Church of St Mary in Tapah for a brief visit and personal prayer.

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