Empowered Squares

KUCHING — About 30 youths gathered over a Zoom call for a fun time of learning and laughter on 31 July, Friday evening. The game night was dubbed “EMPOWERED Squares” where players were put into groups to compete in a game of tic-tac-toe where each tic-tac-toe cube was filled by a servant member of EMPOWERED Ministry. The members in the cube boxes were asked questions by the game host and the players had to judge the truth of their answers to gain squares in the right pattern to win the game.

The questions were fielded from various topics, heavily on scripture and Catholicism but also on math, science, general knowledge, geography, Christian songs, K-Pop, celebrities and sports. Youths truly had a fun and enjoyable night figuring out the answers and guessing if the presented answers would help them gain a box of choice.

The game evening provided an opportunity for the youths to bond, relax over a light-hearted night and at the same time learn and gain knowledge on the bible, church teachings, history and more. Those who attended that evening look forward to another game night and would like to welcome more friends to join them.

Empowered Ministry Kuching


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