Children pray the rosary with Archbishop Julian Leow

KUALA LUMPUR  The Pontifical Mission Societies of the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur (PMS-ArchKL) launched the Mass for Children on World Mission Sunday Oct 18. To kick off this event, children from five parishes were invited to participate in a live virtual Rosary recitation with Archbishop Julian Leow.

Within a period of one week, catechists from the  parishes of St Thomas More, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Holy Family, St Ignatius and Good Shepherd together with the team of  organisers from the PMSArchKL came together to get this virtual event done.  It was indeed a challenge for the catechists who had to seek approval from the parents and then organise them for the virtual practices from their respective locations under the COVID-19 restrictions and limitations.

Sixty children participated in this event. Some parents felt that the virtual rehearsals did create a moment of holiness at their homes notwithstanding the work and study environment at home. Some children were  nervous, whilst some were worried about disruptions in their internet connections. For some, this participation initiated the family towards praying the rosary regularly on a daily basis.

On the actual day the children not only felt very encouraged when they saw Archbishop Julian Leow’s smile but it also made them forget their initial nervousness.

Most of them had never encountered such an opportunity to actually participate in something with the Archbishop live, in front of so  many people watching. They were certainly surprised and rather thrilled to have been selected for this event.

At the end of the Rosary recitation Archbishop Leow reminded and invited the children to stay back for the online Mass for Children. The Mass for Children which was preceded by a short catechesis for children, was livestreamed on Sunday evening at 5.00pm on the Archdiocese’s YouTube channel The online Mass for Children was produced by St Max and the Archdiocese of Singapore.

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