CMCO: Kuching Archbishop exhorts strict adherence to Church SOP

Archbishop Simon Poh

By Ivy Chai

KUCHING (13 January) The COVID-19 CMCO came into effect in Sarawak today. The state also recorded its highest number of positive cases. Out of the 166 people infected, 15 are from Kuching, 94 from Sibu and 48 from Miri.

In announcing the suspension of Masses and Services in Catholic Churches in the RED ZONE from 13 – 26 January, Archbishop Simon Poh exhorts all Catholics to “adhere strictly to our SOP/guidelines for the safety and well-being of all as part of our Christian and social responsibility to love God and neighbour, together with friends of various faiths.”

Catholic Churches within the RED ZONE which are affected, cover all Parishes in Kuching, Kota Sentosa and Kota Padawan. This includes the Carpark Mass at St Joseph’s Cathedral.

In tandem with the suspension of Masses in red zone Kuching, Churches in the dioceses of Sibu and Miri have also suspended all Masses and Services.

In fact, as a proactive measure after monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Sarawak over the past few days, Kuching, Sibu and Miri suspended all Masses in red zone areas a few days prior to the implementation of CMCO.

You can read more details here…

You can download a copy of Archbishop’s Pastoral letter here.

Latest update: (17 January) Suspension of Masses extended to 31 January 2020. Download updated Archbishop’s Pastoral letter here.

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