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Catechumens at Blessed Sacrament Church, BDC on 19 December 2020. (Photo: Crystal Chong)

Testimonies of catechumens from RCIA 2019/2020 who successfully completed the course after a prolonged delay due to the pandemic.

Felicia Thecla Ang Ee Lee

The 2019/2020 RCIA session has just concluded. I was finally baptised, confirmed and received the Holy Eucharist on 19 December 2020 after waiting anxiously for 18 months! This was due to the MCO (COVID-19).

Through the RCIA classes I gained a lot of knowledge about God. My sincere thanks and gratitude to fellow catechumens and facilitators.

After listening to lectures about the life of Jesus Christ I find myself closer and closer to Him. So finally on 19 December 2020 I was reborn in Christ with a deep sense of humility that came over me, knowing that surrendering my whole life to Jesus Christ I became an adopted child of God. 

Like all ordinary mortals, I was born with original sin, and in baptism, I came out spotless as symbolised by the white dress I wore. 

Even as I go through life after baptism I am sure I may at times stumble and fall. However, the strength of my faith in Jesus Christ will constantly give me the assurance that He walks with me. I know He is ever ready to pull me up anew. I only need to reach out to him with a contrite heart.

Felicia Thecla Ang Ee Lee

Isabelle Alvy Chai

When I was a small girl, my mum always taught me about God. Yes, she is the one who inspires me to believe God and to know God more. 

Through this RCIA class, I realised that the knowledge about God is endless. From here, I have learnt a lot of moral values and especially the life of a Christian. Every time, I was enlightened and inspired by the stories shared by the facilitators. 

It is never too late to know God. Now I am blessed that I have God with me. For me, this is not an end but a new journey with Christ in my life.

Isabelle Alvy Chai

I am really glad to have joined the RCIA to get an in-depth knowledge of what Catholicism is all about.

I know I was born a Catholic following my parents, but that was it. I went to church for the sake of going to church.

Actually, little did I know that there was more to it… to get to know Our Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins, who died for us on the Cross to save us and to know him more as “He is The Way The Truth and The Life”.

I now find peace and solace in my life after knowing Our Lord Jesus Christ. Day by day I know he is protecting me, taking care of me, guiding and helping me in whatever things I am doing.

Joanna Caroline Bunsuan

Boniface Jolliffe Anak Nicholas Muya

I was raised in the Anglican Church and baptised at an early age. My wife was born in the Catholic faith. We got married in the Catholic Church of St Joseph’s Cathedral Kuching.

When I began the RCIA process in early 2020, I had some knowledge of the Catholic Church since I had attended Masses on every Sunday with my family and have my daily scripture reading every day. My sponsor and his wife who are also my children’s godparents were all instrumental in my journey to become fully initiated into the Catholic faith at the end of 2020.

Every RCIA class I learnt about Jesus, the Bible, and the church. I was introduced to different forms of prayer, meditation and ways of communicating with God. I learnt more about the history of our faith, the life and teachings of Jesus and the struggles he endured for us. I learnt about the mass, the gospel, the Eucharist, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and other Sacraments. I also learnt what it means to be a part of a Catholic Church community by attending Mass each week and being active in the church.

My faith is ever growing and changing by the power of the Holy Spirit, and I have so much to learn from one another that each encounter with someone else’s faith journey adds something new to my own. Being there to help someone else on his or her journey, I strongly believe, is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Boniface Jolliffe Anak Nicholas Muya


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