Eventful Christmas season in the Diocese of Miri

Fr Philip Empalah (left) blessing the gifts before distributing them to 220 patients at the Miri Hospital

MIRI — The Christmas season in Miri saw eventful happenings with Bishop Richard Ng and the priests in the diocese celebrating the birth of Christ with the parishioners.

There were childrens’ parties, house visits, hospital visits, house-to-house carolling and Christmas lunch for the blind.  Continue reading Eventful Christmas season in the Diocese of Miri

A recent update on Pope Benedict XVI

A recent Twitter post (on 27 October) with photos of the Pope Emeritus during the visit of the Bishop Stefan Oster (Diocese of Passau, Germany) and journalist Peter Seewald shows that he was “dazzling, full of esprit”.

For the past two months or so, the news that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is frail and close to death was being circulated far and wide, not just through the social media but also the popular WhatsApp. The personal secretary of the Pope Emeritus, Archbishop Georg Ganswein was quoted, which read, “Pope Benedict is like a candle that fades slowly. He is serene, at peace with God, with himself and the world. He can no longer walk without help and can no longer celebrate Mass.”

Archbishop Ganswein denied this rumour.

Seminar on “What’s the Difference? Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant”

DIALOGUE MATTERS … On 23-25 June, 250 participants attended the seminar “What’s the Difference? Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant” given by Deacon Dr Sherman Kuek OFS (inset) at Holy Trinity Church, Kuching. The Deacon noted that it is important to understand how we are fundamentally different in faith and practice despite our common faith as Christians. It is only in understanding one another’s differences that Christians can truly respect one another in our mutual search for truth.

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