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Why should I subscribe to the Monthly Print Version since it’s not free?

    1. Although we upload most of our news on the website, the articles in the Feature pages (i.e P9-12) will not be uploaded here. We obtain these special articles from various sources by priests and Catholic journalists, most of which cannot be found online. Touching on different topics each month, these articles provide faith formation and be rest assured that they are inspiring. Don’t ever miss out this section!
    2. Today’s Catholic Print version is being distributed all throughout Malaysia and many parts of the world. However, the total of copies being printed are limited. To avoid disappointment, consider subscribing to us! Today’s Catholic will be delivered right to your doorstep!
    3. The minimal fee that you pay is just to help us cover the printing costs.

How to subscribe?

Daily News Briefs – WhatsApp
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Monthly Newspapers
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Monthly Newspapers subscription rates are as follows:

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RM120.00 – Europe / Middle East
RM180.00 – USA / Canada

(Postal rate included)