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Praying for Malaysia

Parishioners of Blessed Blessed Sacrament Parish, led by their rector, praying for their country, Malaysia.
Parishioners of Blessed Blessed Sacrament Parish, led by their rector, praying for their country, Malaysia.

KUCHING — On 21 July, Blessed Sacrament Parish, BDC called for prayer for the Nation.

Led by the rector, Fr Lawrence Chua, many parishioners turned up to pray for their country, Malaysia, in view of the recent developments on the political, racial and religious front.

There was a Holy hour starting at 7.30 pm with Eucharistic Adoration, prayer and supplications, concluding with Benediction and followed by Holy Mass.

Even though announcements was only made on one weekend the response was very good. The turnout reflected people’s love and concern for Malaysia. Many too had prepared themselves with fasting that day.

Christina Eng

The Great Adventure enriches bible study

KUCHING — On 1 July, participants attending the second of the course The Great Adventure (TGA): Salvation History which began last year celebrated their completion of the course at Blessed Sacrament Parish, BDC. The TGA course, which began last year, was the second one conducted by the parish. There were 20 participants who signed up for the course but only 13 made it to ‘graduation’.

All participants said they were greatly enriched by the course. One participant shared that she bought her Bible 40 years ago but it was only with TGA that she finally came round to reading it. Many shared that although they had tried reading the Bible on their own, they could not make it pass Genesis or Exodus.

The Great Adventure is a bible study programme developed by Jeff Cavins to help Catholics understand the ‘big picture’ of God’s plan of salvation through the narrative stories of the Bible.

Christina Eng

New life, new birth, new light

KUCHING — On 21 August, parents, godparents, family members and friends gathered at Blessed Sacrament Church, Kuching to witness the baptism of 10 babies and 11 Sunday School students. The Rite was administered by Rev Fr Lawrence Chua.

Rev Fr Lawrence Chua, in his homily, emphasized the seriousness of Baptism and that it calls us to live the faith that we profess in. Parents were also reminded of the important commitment that they are taking for their children. “Baptism is the beginning of a life long journey of discipleship” says Fr Chua, “and in asking to have your children baptized, you are accepting the responsibility of spiritually nourishing them and training them in the practice of the Catholic faith”.

As the ritual proceeded, parents and god parents gathered around the font to witness the pouring of water over their children. The afternoon was filled with joy and happiness as each child was baptized and lovingly embraced by God.

James Noik

Published on 22 October 2011 @ 6:09 pm