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Society for Kuching Urban Poor: Volunteers needed!

KUCHING — During the launching of the Society for Kuching Urban Poor (SKUP) at the Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre, by Datuk Lily Yong, she reminded that the well-to-do and other fortunate members of the society should have the spirit of caring and sharing to help the needy who struggled hard just to survive. “The fast pace of development and urbanization had made the poor lag behind in many areas”, she added.

SKUP Chairman, Kapitan Peter Wong Hung Huang during the launching assured that the society would assist the poor based on the urgency and needs. “We are embarking on a mobile soup kitchen for a start”, he stated.

A few types of food are being catered to be distributed by Chief Co-Ordinator, Mary Chok and other volunteers at six Distribution Points in Kuching city: Taman Desa Wira Market, Poh Kwong Park Roundabout Shed, Unaco, Rubber Road West, Padungan, Song Kheng Hai Ground Food & Recreation Centre, Padungan, Petanak Wet Market and Pasar Sg Apong from Monday to Saturday. On Saturdays, additional dry foods are also distributed to the needy for their Sunday rations.

On the first day of the launching on 20 September, Mary Chok together with some volunteers distributed 100 packets of food during lunch hours. On the second day, 100 packet of food and some Vitamins were distributed.

At present, SKUP had 12 volunteers coming forward to help. They hope to get 100 volunteers and supporters to assist on a rotation basis, please contact Mary Chok at 016-8904856 or Cindy at 013-8066633 if you want to offer your service for the needy.