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Sarawakians demonstrate unity through Harmony Walk 2018

KUCHING — Despite a weather forecast of possible rain, an estimated 1000 plus Sarawakians turned up at the crack of dawn at the Association of Churches (ACS) car park on 29 September, for the annual Harmony Walk, which was initiated last year.

Membina Hubungan Kristian-Muslim 0

Membina Hubungan Kristian-Muslim

KUCHING — Ekoran kemerosotan hubungan yang membimbangkan di antara rakyat berbilang kepercayaan agama di beberapa tempat di Malaysia, Gereja tempatan telah mengalami harapan dalam usaha membina jambatan dengan orang Muslim. 


Building Christian-Muslim Relationship

KUCHING — In view of the worrying deterioration of relationships between peoples of different religious beliefs in parts of Malaysia, our local Church had experienced hope in building bridges with the Muslims. 

Police warns Umno, Muslim groups against church protests 0

Police warns Umno, Muslim groups against church protests

KUALA LUMPUR — Selangor police today cautioned groups planning to protest outside churches in the state over the “Allah” row that they will be punished for violating the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA). The PAA...