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John Seven Plus One – Reflection 7/8

A series of Lenten (and Easter) Reflections based on the signs in the Gospel of John by Fr Francis Lim, SJ, every Thursday (except Tuesdays during Holy Week and Easter Week).

The Gospel of John is also known as the Book of Signs. John portrays these signs as works of wonder by Jesus in order for believers to deepen their faith in Jesus. Through these reflections, Fr Francis hopes to bring our parishioners to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus.

Reflections on the Raising of Lazarus

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead in John 11 (11 April)
What are the things that bind or blind me? How is Jesus the resurrection and the life to me?

Reflection 1

What are the things that bind me? I think I am being haunted by my past. I have been struggling to let go of my painful past – full of hurt, discrimination and impartiality, seeing myself as a victim of my parents’ unpleasant life. My parents’ bitterness and quarrelsome nature fill my memories of growing up, in a way have made me who I am today – lack of confidence, trust and reclusive in dealing with people. Nothing seems to please my parents – there is never enough and their expectations seem endless. In my family, there is only one way – my parents’ way, we, the children, are never seen as individuals who have our own ideas and ways of life. Trust me, I do try very hard to get what they want, but as I grow older, I am getting worn and impatient. Acknowledgement is what I have never expected, but why still so many moans and groans after things expected are done accordingly? This is what I do not understand.  Continue reading John Seven Plus One – Reflection 7/8