Sunday, June 7, 2020
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Regina Coeli: Pope prays for vocations and Covid sufferers

During his Regina Coeli, Pope Francis recalls Vocations Sunday and invites international cooperation to deal with coronavirus pandemic.

Unemployed due to coronavirus? There’s a saint for that.

St. Cajetan, the patron saint for the unemployed, knew something of poverty and pestilence.

Benedict XVI celebrates his 93rd birthday during coronavirus lockdown

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI celebrated his 93rd birthday Thursday at his Vatican residence during Italy’s coronavirus lockdown.

Pope at Mass: that governments, scientists, politicians may find just solutions to Covid-19

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis, at Mass on Easter Monday at Casa Santa Marta, urges prayers that governments, scientists and politicians may find just solutions to the Covid-19 crisis, in favour of the people.

Covid-19: Pope establishes emergency fund

Pope Francis establishes an emergency fund to aid those being “tragically impacted” by the Covid-19 virus.

Shroud of Turin to go on rare display for Easter

Responding to thousands of requests, the Archbishop of Turin has decided to allow the Shroud of Turin to be displayed for Easter.