Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Catholics have a role to play in Nation Building

A seminar on Nation Building was organised by the Social and Political Awareness Ministry (SAPAM) at the Blessed Sacrament Church hall on 15 February which attracted over 100 participants.

Pope at Audience: Meekness unites us, anger drives us apart

At the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis reflects on Jesus’ invitation to meekness in the third Beatitude, and urges Christians to be people of mercy and hope.


The rain didn’t stop the fire in the hearts of the youths to learn more about Jesus, as 70 youths gathered on the morning of 10 January and kickstarted EWA20 with an opening Mass presided by Fr Ramon Borja, SDB.

God gives commandments to free people from sin, Pope says

Jesus wants his followers to move from a formal observance of God's commands to an interior acceptance of them and, in that way, to no longer be slaves to sin and selfishness, Pope Francis said.

The Cornerstone of a Harmonious Society

The annual multi-religious forum at the Islamic Information Centre (IIC) saw a panel of invited religious representatives across Kuching coming together to discuss similarities under one common theme: "Peace, Love and Faith: The Cornerstone of a Harmonious Society."

‘No different from the rest of us’- Priests and mental health care

After the suicide of a Missouri priest last month, psychologists talked with CNA about the issues priests can face when they need help with caring for their mental health.