Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Pope sends thanks to Johor Sultan for commuting death sentences of three Mexicans

Pope Francis has sent a message to Johor's Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, thanking him for commuting the death sentences of three Mexican brothers for drug trafficking crimes.

Pope Francis rasmi Bulan Misionari dengan seruan untuk berkongsikan kegembiraan, harapan, bakat

Allah mahu semua orang mengambil risiko untuk berkongsi pemberian yang Dia telah berikan kepada mereka dengan orang lain, kata Pope Francis.

Pope Francis institutes day to promote knowledge and love of scripture

Pope Francis declared the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time to be the Sunday of the Word of God in order to promote a closer relationship with holy scripture and its dissemination in the world.

At Mass for Migrants and Refugees, Pope Francis says world is increasingly elitist

“As Christians, we cannot be indifferent to the tragedy of old and new forms of poverty, to the bleak isolation, contempt and discrimination experienced by those who do not belong to ‘our’ group,” Pope Francis said.

Calumny, slander is a ‘diabolical cancer,’ Pope says

The act of bearing false witness to destroy someone is an attack against the body of the church, Pope Francis said.

Pope: We need to be the living signs of our encounter with Jesus

Pope Francis said that our mission is to meet our contemporaries to make known to them his love.