Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Pope’s September prayer intention: For protecting the oceans

Pope Francis releases a video message accompanying his prayer intention for September, which is that the world's seas and oceans may be protected.

Pope Francis: Self-interest and hypocrisy destroy the Church

Pope Francis decried hypocrisy and self-interest Wednesday, saying that Christian community should always be characterised by generosity and solidarity.

Francis urges priests to be faithful in time of ‘ecclesial purification’

Pope Francis published a letter Sunday to encourage all priests to remain steadfast and prayerful during this time of purification after revelations of abuse by some priests, so that there may be a renewal of holiness in the priesthood.

Pope Francis to scouts: True joy comes from God’s love, not things

VATICAN CITY — Worldly possessions do not make people happy; only knowing Jesus’ love and having love for others can do that, Pope Francis told a group of Catholic European scouts.

Paus: Gereja memerlukan kerasulan pencegahan untuk melindungi kanak-kanak daripada pencabulan

Pencegahan merupakan kunci dalam usaha melindungi golongan kanak-kanak daripada pencabulan, kata Pope Francis.

Pope: Church needs apostolate of prevention to protect minors from abuse

Prevention is key in protecting minors from abuse, Pope Francis said.