Monday, March 30, 2020

Fr Noel Hanrahan – A Life Lived to the Full

I met Fr Noel Hanrahan when he was first posted to St Peter College, Kuching in 1983 and over the years have worked with him many a time in various circumstances.

A tribute to Brother Columba Gleeson – by Bishop Simon Poh

Br Columba was my principal from 1976-1982. His dedication and commitment - together with Br Adrian and Br Mark - were remarkable and bore...

A tribute to Brother Columba – from the teaching staff of St Joseph’s School

We teachers have a high regard for Br Columba. He was a well-respected and well-loved educator. As a Principal, he was caring and encouraging; approachable...

Tribute to Brother Columba Gleeson – by Bishop Richard Ng

Br Columba was a kind and loving person. I remember the time when I was robbed of my necklace while going back from school....

A Tribute to Priests

Pope Benedict XVI declared a “Year for Priests” beginning with the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on 19 June 2009, which...

A tribute to Brother Columba Gleeson – by St Joseph’s Board of Management

We come together this morning to honour the late Br Columba Gleeson who, from 1970 till early 1988, was Principal of this School. During...