Wednesday, August 12, 2020

St Jude’s Parish celebrates Feast Day

“The greatest miracle by St Jude I have seen, is this parish,” said Archbishop Simon Poh of Kuching during his speech at the St Jude’s Parish, Bunan Feast day and Eucharistic celebration on Saturday evening, 26 October.

Archbishop Simon Poh: My World Youth Day experience in Panama

As a priest, I accompanied our youth in 1997 to the WYD Paris, WYD Cologne 2005, and WYD Sydney 2008. I would stay in the same parish with our Malaysian youth.

Building Christian-Muslim Relationship

KUCHING — In view of the worrying deterioration of relationships between peoples of different religious beliefs in parts of Malaysia, our local Church had...

Minority mission: Pope to encourage Thailand’s small Catholic community

he theme of Pope Francis' visit to Thailand is focused on mission, but in the Asian country where Catholics are a tiny minority, that mission is less about proclamation and more about witness, service and dialogue.


(古晋讯)星火营的对象是 13至 21岁的青少年。宗旨是为了制造平台让青少年与主相遇,体验爱和喜乐,与耶稣建立亲密的关系,使生命得到转变。

Senibina gereja Gothik untuk bangunan Gereja St Peter baharu di Padungan

Bangunan baharu Gereja St Peter yang akan dibina tidak lama lagi di Padungan dijangka akan menjadi mercu tanda yang menonjol dalam landskap Kuching apabila ia siap dalam tempoh empat tahun akan datang.