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A recent update on Pope Benedict XVI

A recent Twitter post (on 27 October) with photos of the Pope Emeritus during the visit of the Bishop Stefan Oster (Diocese of Passau, Germany) and journalist Peter Seewald shows that he was “dazzling, full of esprit”.

For the past two months or so, the news that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is frail and close to death was being circulated far and wide, not just through the social media but also the popular WhatsApp. The personal secretary of the Pope Emeritus, Archbishop Georg Ganswein was quoted, which read, “Pope Benedict is like a candle that fades slowly. He is serene, at peace with God, with himself and the world. He can no longer walk without help and can no longer celebrate Mass.”

Archbishop Ganswein denied this rumour.

Collection still below target, CWS Chairman laments

KUCHING — The Catholic Services Charity Run (CSCR) 2017 is exactly two weeks away. However, the amount collected and the numbers of runners are still below target.

Catholic Welfare Services Chairman Danice Endawie in his WhatsApp message on 22 August wrote that the organising committee received many “zero returns” as the sponsor cards are being handed back to them. 

“Thanks to those who have decided to participate [in the charity run],” he wrote. 

Danice urged more people to join in the run on 9 September and / or contribute towards the humble charitable cause. “It is not too late to decide to participate and contribute to CWS funds,” the WhatsApp message read. 

“Through the years CWS had given out assistance to many poor, natural disaster victims, fire victims, and the sick… Without your help CWS will find it difficult to continue to render the same assistance to those who dearly need our help,” wrote the CWS chairman.

The CSCR 2017 is organised by the Catholic Welfare Services Council Sarawak with the theme “I run for the least, the last and the lost”. Since early May this year, sponsor cards were distributed far and wide throughout the Archdiocese of Kuching. 

The organising committee hopes to raise RM 2.5 million and with participation of at least 10,000 runners on Sunday, 9 September. The amount raised will be used to fund the Home of Peace, Catholic Services Centre, CWS Samaritans, Society of St Vincent de Paul, Meals for Urban Poor Families (through SKUP), Archbishop’s Disaster Relief Fund, and in aid of the Rural Parishes.

With a minimum amount of RM80, well-wishers / sponsor card holders are eligible for the charity run. Each runner will also receive a t-shirt.

Further information on the Charity Run can be obtained from CWS office at ACCPC ground floor, or contact them at 082-241407.


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Seminar on “What’s the Difference? Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant”

DIALOGUE MATTERS … On 23-25 June, 250 participants attended the seminar “What’s the Difference? Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant” given by Deacon Dr Sherman Kuek OFS (inset) at Holy Trinity Church, Kuching. The Deacon noted that it is important to understand how we are fundamentally different in faith and practice despite our common faith as Christians. It is only in understanding one another’s differences that Christians can truly respect one another in our mutual search for truth.