Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Catholic Churches in Red Zone suspend Masses to help contain COVID-19

With effect from today (31 July), all Catholic Churches within Kuching, Kota Sentosa, Kota Samarahan and Kota Padawan will suspend Masses and Services until further notice.

Penyembuhan berlaku sewaktu Komuni Kudus

Hari Raya Tubuh dan Darah Kristus atau Hari Minggu Korpus Kristi diraikan di seluruh dunia pada 14 Jun. ‘Korpus Kristi’ adalah bahasa Latin bagi ‘Tubuh Kristus’ dan dirayakan sebagai peringatan bagi kasih korban Kristus dan hadirat sebenar dalam Ekaristi.

Archbishop Simon Poh announces dates for Reopening of Churches

Christians tuning in to the Sunday Masses live-streamed from St Joseph’s Cathedral on 28 June received the much-awaited news of the reopening of churches.

ACS: Churches preparing to meet SOP before reopening on June 20

The Association of Churches in Sarawak (ACS) revealed churches are making preparations to adapt to the new norm of 33 per cent capacity when they reopen starting June 20.

There is healing during Holy Communion

The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ or Corpus Christi Sunday was celebrated worldwide on 14 June. ‘Corpus Christi’ is Latin for ‘Body of Christ’ and is celebrated as a memorial of Christ’s sacrificial love and real presence in the Eucharist.

Association of Churches prepares for next action under RMCO

The Association of Churches in Sarawak (ACS) will work closely with Unit for Other Religions (Unifor) and the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) on the next plan of action under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), said ACS chairman Archbishop Simon Poh.