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Children pray the Mission Rosary at Eucharistic Holy Hour

To bring children to pray together for Mission, the Pontifical Mission Societies for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei organised the 18th Worldwide Children’s Eucharistic Holy Hour on 2 October.

COVID-19 pandemic: Ministry to Migrants distributes Food Aid

The Ministry to Migrants has been distributing food aid on a bi-monthly basis to migrants in the city and the greater Kuching area since May 2020.

‘Education might not have reached rural areas if not for mission schools’

Archbishop Simon Poh emphasised that mission schools were an integral part of the state’s development by providing the basic foundation of education to rural children.

Pelaburan yang tepat pada waktunya bagi keharmonian agama

Dengan sumbangan langsung dari Unit Agama-Agama Lain (UNIFOR) kepada keharmonian agama termasuk menyediakan bantuan kewangan kepada pelbagai rumah ibadat, Uskup Agung Roman Katolik Kuching, Most Reverend Simon Poh, percaya bahawa ia sesungguhnya adalah keputusan yang tepat pada waktunya bagi keajaan negeri untuk melabur dalam sebuah bangunan yang tetap bagi UNIFOR.

SJK Chung Hua Bako to continue the legacy of St Joseph’s Primary School

A collaboration between the Catholic Mission School Authorities and the Association of Aided Chinese Primary Schools will enable the school to commence operations at the start of the 2021 school year in January, and it is also seen as a blessing from God for the work of education in Sarawak.

Kuching Archbishop appointed to National Unity Action Plan Committee (2021-2025)

YB Dato Sri Hajah Fatimah bt Abdullah, on 3 September presented Letters of Appointment to more than 20 members of the Committee for National Unity Action Plan (2021-2025) Sarawak.