Tournament shows strategy and experience have the upper hand

Participants with Archbishop Simon Poh (seated centre), Fr Francis Dakun (seated left), Fr Paul Ling (seated 2nd right) and Bernadine Sammy (seated right)

KUCHING  — On 22 September, St Joseph’s Cathedral BM Youth organised a friendly Badminton Tournament at St Peter’s College Seminary.

It was part of their SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) action plan.

The friendly match between the three groups who participated was to foster fellowship and wellness through sports and recreational activities.

The BM Youth and Migrants were represented by 7 teams each. The Seminarians-Archbishop sent 4 teams.

It was a close match for the teams. However, despite the boisterous and loud cheers and encouragement from the youths, the more experienced team from the Seminarians-Archbishop group had the upper hand.

First place went to the team of Archbishop Simon-Br Arthur (Seminarians). The pair of Junior State players Paulus-Aldert (Youth) came in second, with Eghy-Denis (Migrants) coming in third place.

Prizes were given away by Fr Francis Dakun.


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